It’s Official—-Unemployed

Yes folks, as of 2:08pm Pacific Standard Time, I swiped out for the last time with my time card and left the gates, never to return again. Such an interesting feeling. I feel good because I am going off into the world to where I want to be. After 5 years of classes and exams I am finely being rewarded with he fruits of my labour. So from now I am on hiatus starting now! Woo-Hoo! 🙂

ADDED 11:57 pm

Just to clear things up a bit…. I never mention the name of my employer. The reason is quite simple: I never give out free advertising and leaving names out is a good way not to get sued.

I was reading some of my old journal entries from when I first started at the job 11 years ago. I was quite surprised now because when I first applied there I thought I was never going to get hired. I remembered when I submitted my application and resume, I over heard one of the hiring managers say that most of the applications were so poorly written that he was throwing them right into the garbage. I was worried because I had just given him mine and thought: Oh My God, What if he thought my writing was bad! Funny how things turn out in the end. phew 🙄

I keep thorough journals. When big events like a new job come up, I try and put as much information into it as possible. Back then I was unemployed and had just move from up North down to the Lower-main Land in the Vancouver area. I was getting a little desperate for work and I wrote that in my first week alone I had sent out over 45 applications and received only 7 replies. When I finally got this job, people were surprised because I had never heard of the company until I walked into their doors. Funny, because they are one of the largest big box retailers in the country, and American owned. This never phased on to me until well after a few months of working there.

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