Why This Post? I can’t Sleep!

Call it what you will, insomnia, too much energy or the rain storm that keeps pounding my roof in waves every 10 minutes: I just can’t sleep. Anyways, for a long weekend I find myself surfing the Internet at 6:00am searching for places to shop and things to do while I head over to Vancouver Island for a short visit to my sister’s place. It is wet and yet unusually warm outside: a whole whopping 7.5 C. This temperature should be our daytime high, not the night-time low? Anyway, it think the local coffee shop is opening up soon–a shot of espresso should fix me up. 😉

Wow what a day so far! I managed to write a couple of letters and Email them off to the college and then started on the first of five short stories I’m working on my “Working Stiff” series describing my funny and serious working careers and now, I just upgraded my Weblog program from WordPress 1.5 to WordPress 0.2. So far everything is tikity-boo!

I like the new look of Word Press 02. They did a lot of new changes to the Administration Page: I can get more done without having to see if the actual web page look good or not without switching from the Admin Page to the Index page. Very nice indeed.

Well the count down is on T-3 hours and 48 minutes! I wonder if I’ll end up falling asleep agin like I did last year and miss the 2005-2006 expereince? We’ll see…

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