So, 2006 is here at last

Happy New Year everyone. Hope all those New Year’s resolution are kept and everyone was well behaved during the festivities. I stayed at home (again, for the fourth year in a row) and watched the fireworks on Millen Island as the final seconds passed away from 2005 into 2006. I have an amazing view from my bedroom window over looking the Fraser River and the Island. They were quite pretty this year as the entire barrage of lights flashed up into the night sky for about one minute.

So here is my list of New Years resolutions!

  1. Loose some weight! I’m tired of that mid-line girth.
  2. Work in my chosen field rather than picking another looser/labourer job in a dusty warehouse.
  3. Travel more often. Destinations like Brazil, Turkey, Europe and maybe somewhere in Asia.
  4. Buy a new car/truck.
  5. Save as much money as I can to buy some real estate on Vancouver Island–I like it there.
  6. Finish my degree in College. (This should be number one on the list.)
  7. Quit buying gas station coffee every morning: to expensive!
  8. Make my own coffee every morning: I do own a coffee maker with timer: Sheeesh.
  9. Cut way back on my Cell Phone time.
  10. Buy some plants for the home and make it look alive again. That watering thing was what put me off from having them in the first place.
  11. Do a full maintenance on my RV. It needs some TLC.
  12. Clean out my junk bins of old computer parts. Heck, it is all outdated now, why keep them!
  13. Organizing my filing cabinet. Huge task there!
  14. Reclaim all the books I lent out to friends and family and consider charging late fees. If libraries can do it, why can’t I?

2 Thoughts on “So, 2006 is here at last

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Lily and same to you!

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