Back from Vacation

Now that I am settled in and ready to get back into the swing of things, I have so many tails of adventure that I may tell them over a weeks or two. The dilemma of leaving for such a long time and coming back to my house means buying food that I cleaned out before I left and catching up on all the Post and Emails that have piled up: mainly bills and letters. With the transition of changing jobs is now at the halfway point and I now need to deal with my new scheduling and time table. On top of that, I am still taking classes over at the College and although my courses are light this term, they are still demanding. The cleaning issues with replenishing my fridge and shelves with food has been irritation because of weather and driving in it. Know one wants to walk to the market so driving is the mode of transportation and that means parking and poor visibility are causes that make a 10 min trip turn into a 30 min drive of terror. We are getting some really bad rain storms that have caused local flooding and that nice trip to the market has turned into a exercise of man versus nature: soaker’s are common today.

For friends and family, I have being working on my video; creating a DVD of Tom’s Vacation, and should have the full compilation out soon. I basically shot 4 1/2 hours of it and I am going to edit it down to one hour– it could kill my audience watching that much crappy camera work if I don’t. Again, I will send you out copies through the Post and you should have it by the end of the month. Send feedback if you can on how what you thought about it—please.

It also appears that we are going to break a weather record too regarding rainfall here along the West Coast. The weather office said that by next week we will have broke that record for the most rainy days consecutively in 50 years. If you look around here now, you would really notice it. Like I said before, flooding is becoming a really problem around here, even our golf course is under water at the moment!

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