I’m Back in Town to Vote Tomorrow

After leaving for a little road trip I came back this evening so I can head out tomorrow to the poling station to cast my ballet. If you live here in Canada you know know that we are have an election tomorrow to elect our Federal government. Eighteen months we elected a minority government that was on shaky ground and some thought it would not of lasted as long as it did. Some are a little mad about having a winter election, like myself, I will reluctantly vote tomorrow with change on my mind. I know who I am voting for so I will not be holding my and flipping a coin. I encourage all of you to vote tomorrow, if you can. I cannot say how important it is to get out there and vote.

As for my little road venture, I will be home for next couple of days until Wednesday when I head out again. This traveling gig is lots of fun, but not great when you want to Blog. So, I will be back to my regular time table soon. TTYL

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