Voting today was the same as the last few elections I had the privilege of attending, more or less the same demographics of locals casting their ballets. I saw a lot of older people out casting their ballets, and as expected, few young voters braving the huge lines ups and chaos at the polling station. The truth is, hardly anyone was out there, and that is not my over exaggeration and the youngest person I saw was probably in their mid 30s. I saw maybe 10 people, not including the Election Canada Officials, throughout the school gymnasium. Factor in to that I had voted around 12 noon and the working-class are still working and most business people are still out and about.

Like always, I will turn off the television and concentrate on getting a good nights sleep before I venture out to newsstand to read the results. My prediction is that the Conservatives will get elected. I am not happy about that, but the Liberals did screw themselves in the public view with scandal after scandal after scandal. I look at the positive sides of things. With a Conservative government, this means good things for me because of the hard-line stance on crime they usually will take. Conservatives are like George Bush of the US, and with the religious perspective on society they have, they will most certainly increase the laws against lower class citizens spelling out more jobs for Criminologists and law enforcement in this mad made war. Sad, but it seems the way of the political Right.

I guess I will wait and see who the next Prime Minister will be.

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  1. Unrelated to elections, you designed this yourself? Way cool. I like it. It’s very neat and clean.

    I have to redo mine

  2. Yes sir, I sure did. This is the 3rd level of evolution with this design I created. I have made several of this type and stills have lots of ideas I want to use.

    Thanks for the visit Lily 😀

    Do you want a copy of this theme?

  3. I finally got my wish tommy. I know alot of people disagree with me on this won but ” HURRAH FOR CONSERVATIVES”

    The D Man

  4. A lot of people are happy with the right wing government at the helm. But I have to ask you this Dan, wouldn’t you have wanted a majority government that would have true power rather than what we have now? But anyway, good to hear from you, I thought you would have been up to your eyes in containers at the receiving dock and never have time to surf the net. he he he.

  5. tommy boy i haven’t seen containers since you left. I finally got moved over to shipping full time. needless to say I’m drinking a lot more alcohol now. And yes i would rather have preferred a majority govt. but I fully expected Canada to vote this way. only problem now is as soon as the conservatives drop the ball everyone will flip out and whammo back to the polls we will be going and the liberals will be running the show again with everyone forgetting the corrupt past of the liberals. Or not maybe I’m just a pessimist. Either way I hope the conservatives can stay in power long enough to make some much needed change in the country.

  6. Right, Shipping…. Oh gosh, it just gets worse, doesn’t it? Good Luck Dan–shipping is a lot worse than Can-Land. Wait until you pass the honeymoon period, usually about 5 to 6 weeks, then your performance is on the chopping block. But I thought you landed in Receiving? Must of being thinking of J****?

    I am so happy I am not there! *yup-pee* Freedom from Hell. ha ha ha ha.

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