Internet Server Trouble

The site was down for a couples of days due to technical difficulties on my server’s end. I lost the mysql database service that controls how the dates, comments, posts and news feeds are control, organized and maintained on my little piece of the cyber universe. Thank you for being patient during the weekend while it was down. The servers told me that this was a problem that they knew about and that they would have it up and running as soon as they could.Here is a little update for you all regarding my new career. I am at the halfway point in my course over at the Justice Institute and into week 4 of the spring semester of my graduate classes. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by right now, as it feel like I just blinked and the month of January is almost done. I spent the last week going through processing and as of today all of my documentation is in. They say I am “squeaky-clean” to use their terminology. I should have my schedule within the week.

I just uploaded my first theme for distribution for Word-Press, the program that runs my weBlog. I went with the white on black look and tried to keep as clean as I could with just tiny little accents to keep it unique. If you go over at the Word-Press Themes button, you can see a photo of it and download the compressed file onto your themes folder, if you like it. Give me some feed back if you tried it out.

2 Thoughts on “Internet Server Trouble

  1. Glad you got your site back up!! 🙂

    Good job on the template…

  2. Thank T,

    It is still slow and sluggish and I lost about 3 days worth of data, but I am so happy that it was so minimal rather than a total loss.

    Again, thanks for the Post Card! That was really great.

    Yeah, this template (theme) is a lot less cluttered. I have not seen one like this that you could download and set up, so now there is. 🙂

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