Between Crappy Weather and a Broken Computer

With all the bad weather hitting us here on the West Coast I decided to spend some time redecorating around the Blog. But first, the weather blues. I was going to leave for Vancouver Island yesterday, it was a last minute thing, for an interview with Justice Canada in Victoria, but the weather canceled my trip on BC Ferries. So, I drove home, sadden, but non the less worried as another opportunity like will come up again. I guess the weather effected a lot of things around the Lower Main Land, particularly my Cell Phone service. I think mine was the only mobile system that was down during the windstorm. I did see other people in the ferry line-up using theirs. I wanted to call my sister who lives close to Victoria and tell her that I was popping by for a short visit, but just as well. When I got back home, the storm was not as a bad as it was in Twanssen, the ferry terminal. In fact, the weather was nice, we still had power and the puddle that usually turns into a lake during heavy rains was still a puddle. Now this is all in contras to what I awoke to this morning. It was warm and sunny with a nice blue sky and overcast clouds along the mountains. This is a normal nice day. But holy cow, by noon the storm picked up where it left off last night and the rain and wind kept on going. So now I am stuck at home, I just phoned the Ferry Terminal and they said that they may cancel their service for the rest of the day.

Added: 020206, The interview was for obtaining my license that would qualify me for doing work in the field of criminology. I have since taken the interview and will not know the results until March, or 4 weeks from now.

As you can see (at the time of this posting) I am working on a new theme: yet again. this one I call True Blue and I have been working on a new feature were the post area is in its’ own little image box. This is by far the most difficult task I have taken on, because the PHP Code does no always that much flexibility with the CSS without totally rewriting it. So, rewriting it is what I have being doing. So if you see it broken, please just ignore it: it is getting worked on.

Ever think that computers can cause death and destruction? Besides users going crazy from too much computer time, the machine itself can do a bit of damage, a lot if you are not careful! I had one catch on fire last night. Yes, smoke, sparks, then flames. As it was burning, so rather than getting the fire extinguisher, I decided to just grab the computer case (the part that was burning) and carry it out side and let the rain dowse the flames. This is the difference between men and women folks. I almost burnt myself while carrying it, only because I did not want to clean up fire extinguisher dust. After things cooled down I look inside to see what caused the fire and noticed that the power supply was root cause and was probably due to so much dust and lint in the fan that no more air could circulate. Fortunately, it was a very old machine, one that had seen Windows 95 on it, so the lose was negligible to me. But it was a wakeup call about regular maintenance on my equipment.

4 Thoughts on “Between Crappy Weather and a Broken Computer

  1. Heya! You weren’t the only one suffering from cell phone crap-outs! My phone was hit and miss all last night. Frustrating for me because I don’t maintain a home phone at all. Who needs that kind of duplication?

    Sorry to hear you missed your interview, but glad you are keeping your head up about it. There’s so much in the way of opportunity coming up for skilled / educated workers that you’ll have no trouble finding just the perfect opportunity for yourself. 🙂

  2. I should clear up some confusion here T, that wasn’t a Job interview, it was a the last step in obtaining my licence. Sorry about that–I’m going to make that correction.

  3. I love blue!
    and maybe i’ll come and be one of the many who ask about curved menus…:)

    there’s just such a feeling of accomplishment when you do a theme yourself…at least i think so
    even if it’s the first one which was editing someone’s code with lots of instructions
    it’s like a major milestone


    will read more later
    must sleep! 🙂

  4. Yes, I enjoy the learning part more than the finished product. As you can tell, I am always looking for newer designs and tire of the old ones. I think the largest I have one design was about 4months here. :O

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