Is a Friend in Need a Friend Indeed

Because I spend most of my time studying and learning, I take many things for granted now than I did when I was young and hungry for knowledge. I have being accused of becoming a “snob� of sorts, about a great many things that spring up from time to time in our daily lives. Form topics such as politics and religion, to the philosophies of rites, rights and writings of ideas and thoughts. We stumble across these thoughts and start to piece together to form our schemas and concepts, and through this excitement of discovery, we engage in discussion to test out these ideas. Today was one such day out of many that I can recall, when a simple idea became an out-right argument and often leaves one party wounded because the ideas and concepts are usually to hard and difficult to believe and construct. Having being trained to argue in a philosophical arena is wonderful, but only if the discussion is held in that vein. However, think of the engager who does not offer those restraints and whishes to engage in philosophical combat, but chooses to do so with the risk that solidifies every fallacy in the list of “though shall not’s,� set out in classroom discussions. How would one ask the foe to prepare themselves for enlightenment by following a set of rules that allows for proper conduct, yet keep alive the topic in a civilized manner? For now, the discussion is dead and gone. We however could not to agree to disagree, and it was made clear to me, and that by my very presence of defending this argument, was grounds for terminating any further contact until notified. Our topic of discussion was on gay rights in society as a whole. Not just gay marriage, but recognizing that all people should be treated as an equal and recognized as who they are and who they represent. The point here was changing laws, particularly in the Criminal Code of Canada, to strike out any law that creates a gender bias. If you are following this closely, you should see that arguing about any gender is from the perspective of feminism—not gay rights par-say. Needless to say, the argument eroded to nothing when it came to the fork in the road that a Male and Female should be replaced with the word “person� regardless of the type of law written, however, keeping the punishment as it was intended, the same. Sexual assault becomes sexual assault regardless what gender is the aggressor, for example. Perhaps in Canada, not all are fully accepting the Libertarian philosophy. It appears that some are still reluctant to move towards an egalitarian type society and are quite willing to keep old style, turn of the century thoughts over new fresh modern ones.

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  1. You are right, in that discussing topics in a purely philosophical manner, there can be no right or wrong position to the “argument.” In “rites, rights and writings of ideas and thoughts,” everyone has their own perspective/bias. Where a discussion become more of an argument; in my humble opinion, is at the point when ones’ personal bias/perspective is injected into the mix.

    There is a reason why discussions of politics, religion or sex are taboo territory among most people. “Most People” can’t agree to disagree without trying to persuade the other party into adopting their point of view & often egos or feelings are hurt.

    We all like to think of ourselves as being open to new ideas & thoughts; but in my experience, most of us hold to the ideals ingrained from youth and grudgingly give them up.

    Your discussion of “gay rights in society as a whole” implicates sex, religion & politics all in one bundle. The topic in & of itself could create strife on any level, no matter the personal opinion of either party. Arguing from a philosophical point on this subject is next to impossible. Everyone; “snob” or not, would be hard pressed not to discuss it without a personal bias.

    That’s my opinion & I’m sticking to it!

    MIke M.

  2. I guess, now that I have some time to myself, we should meet and talk about: Stewart, the Blog and stuff? Let me know what’s good for you.

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