Things to Do On “V” Day

Valentines day is upon us. This is one of the most polluted days with deadlines on the calendar that I have. Not only is this the day in which we send our special someones’ flowers, candies and some romantic-juice written card in the shape of a hart, this is the day that My dear Mother celebrates her birthday. Also, this is the day that my annual pilgrimage to the auto insurance company is due and I give them a huge pile of money in exchange for the privilege of driving for another year. Today is the day of deadlines that marks the true end of winter for me, because I know that after today, it will become warmer out and the days will become longer. I may be flat broke from spending all this money, but every cent is worth it. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you MOM, yes police, I have a new decal on my license plate, and look, I see the trees starting to bud! *Another tacky post written by Thomasso*

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