Searching for a New Server

With just a month left to go before my current contract for this web space comes due, I am pondering the idea of looking to greener pastures for a better web service provider. I have sent some emails out to friends and companies that I know of, and so far I have received only one reply–not a very promising one either–for an offer. The problem that I face is, I am running out of my allotted space and I do not want to delete any of my creations and data. Also, I have heard of server providers that charge the same rate that I am paying now while giving out 100 times the space and band width, so I am on the quest for that kind of service. I was hoping to stick with something local, but that seems to be where the problem is–my local providers can not compete with servers around the world–so they are left high and dry with uncompetitive deals. So, any ides out there, please let me know!

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