A very Productive Week

This week was one of those power performance episodes where I managed to complete every task on my list, conjure up new projects and complete them and then still had time to sit back and find even more things to do while time permits. I managed to get through my day planner in 72 hours, which was partly due to nice weather and good fortune. I then realized that I had more loose ends here with the website; my payments are due for the year-end. I may leave this server and hire another outfit–choosing one is a lot of hard work: they all have so many things to offer at very cheap prices. This was when I discovered that there were not too many Canadian servers out there that could compete with the US for price and web space. I went with what Tanya, from This Chick’s Life said after reading her endorsement. I feel it was a good move inquiring about Tanya’s choice in servers, even though they are located down in California. So, on top of all that I managed to find time to visit Jack at his barber shop and catch up on the latest local gossip. Yes, even the boys sit around a “chew-the-fat” sometimes.

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