Adventures in D-Land

What a week! I have taken the day off. I have had one of those weeks from Hell, because of the dreams I have been getting that are all tied in with classes, exams and work, and along with the days getting longer and tougher to get through, I needed to take today off ; however, after receiving some spiffy new software to play with, today seems to be alright now. Three days ago, I awoke in a puddle of sweat as I was being chased by a 10 metre long stapler in a dream. I ran as fast I could, and although the stapler never caught up to me, I kept seeing it get closer and closer until I woke up. If that does not get any worse, the following night I thought I was in high school again, though this time, being chased by mob of students who were all trying to take my homework from me. When I awoke from that one, I thought I had actually forgotten to complete my assignments, and I made a dash to the computer to check whether or not the files were there. The files were there. Then, last night was the final sign for me to take it easy. I awoke from sleep because I found myself giving a lecture at the auditorium on campus, and for whatever reason, rubber bands started falling from the sky! Yes, thousands of rubber bands landing everywhere, and I was trying to get out from behind the podium, but I could not: I was stuck. So, today I stayed home. I told everyone that I had a cold. I slept in and made myself breakfast at home for the first time in a long time. I have some multimedia software that I am going to try setup and have some fun with, perhaps put a video on the website for the next post? Tonight, I am going to bed early, then decide whether or not I should take another day off: for good behavior.

2 Thoughts on “Adventures in D-Land

  1. yikes
    and sleep should be a refuge


  2. That’s when you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life 😉

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