The Mysterious White Stuff Came again

Like a storm that you only hear about in other far of lands on the news, it came: big, white, fluffy and wet. I ran to the window to see what all the talk was about, and to my amazement it was snowing so hard out that I could not see the other side of the street. My first thought was that it was March, and unlike the rest of the year, we were sure that Winter was over, and no more snow was ever going to come down again. But then I remember hearing on the news that the last three years we have had snow dumps in March, so it was not to uncommon to see it today. Then I was thinking about getting home and how the bad the traffic would be when rush hour started. However, once the 3 hours of heavy snow fall stopped, the warm air came in and replaced the snowflakes with rain, melting the remaining snow that was on the ground. As quickly as the snow came, it left, melting away until leaving puddles and rivers as the water rushes away. So for me, this is my x-mass season, when I think of sledding, show-shoeing and other winter sports. We should change the seasons around to reflect the chaining weather patterns. Now would be the time to hang out those x-mass lights and put the season tree in the living room.

3 Thoughts on “The Mysterious White Stuff Came again

  1. o my! what is that! snow? what a foreign concept!

  2. More came last night 😮

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