The Hell Bird

One sure sign of spring is the birds, the nice ones, and the bad ones. In the last couple of years, the population of birds have increased due to the newly created vacant lot next us, and as a result the nose level early in the morning and late at night have hit the 55 db level. For those who like the sounds of bird chirping, then this is the time and place to be, but for those who want some sleep, peace and quite; then insert ear plugs and deal with it. The main culprit is this tough, bad-ass, mean robin, I call Duke, a male who defends his little harem with a vengeance, chirping at the top of his lungs, keeping the other robins from moving in on his girls. He sits upon the large fence that borders the property, watching and chirping none stop, from dusk to dawn, with his eyes on my windows. You see, I have tinted windows that reflects the light like mirrors, and to him, he sees a invading foe when he catches his reflection while he patrols his territory from the air. Usually, in the mornings, I hear the thumping sounds of Duke attacking his reflection against the glass. I tried soap, coating the glass with it, leaving a dull film to cut down the reflection, but that has not stopped Duke from his relentless attacks. I am not going to expend any further time and resources on preventing Duke from his testosterone driven rages, instead I have decided to let the natural course of his actions play out: Duke will have to learn that chasing his ghost will only hurt him, not the things around him.

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