Bureaucratic Bull—-$!@X#

I have a beef with the government of British Columbia regarding its Ministry of Health and the Medical Service Plan (MSP) as to why they love sending everyone (especially me) weekly bills and reminders that this tax money is due and why their offices have problems with adjusting those premiums to current income levels. The BC Government is fully automated with computers and printers to keep track of and send every citizen letters of payments due, or letters of collections through there department of Revenue Services. It now appears to me that the great bureaucratic system is not capable of dealing with a reduction in premiums calculated by one’s income, as apposed to notices of collections of none-payments, or reminding citizens of their pending debt, this ministry is at this point in time incapable of providing me with that information. In my last attempt through correspondences, I plainly and concisely explained that there had being a change in employment, that for the month of January there was no income, and for the month of February and March adjustments in premiums will be needed. Instead, I received more notices of overdue tax payments from the MSP, and the Premium Assistance form (that I requested) was the wrong one, (correct wording, but does not actually adjust the current period, just the annual period). So, yesterday sitting in my mailbox were two more letters, one happily reminding me of my tax debt (the unadjusted amount), and the other from the government’s collection department, Revenue Services, gently reminding me to make my payments. Maybe it is time to consider moving?

UPDATE: I should apologizes for the negative tone in this post; subsequently, I was a little “over heated” when I wrote it and uploaded it to the blog. There is nothing worse than a dysfunctional government, other than trying to live under it.

As it turns out, after talking to a friend of mine who is dealing with a very similar situation, the approach the government uses in how it deals with each person, and collects its money, varies quite differently. In may case, the onus is on me to prove that I have varying income while my friend, who maintains the same level of income throughout the year, and who chooses not to pay into the tax because of the inconvenience of dealing with the paperwork and raising the money from each period to the next, sees letters of payment for only the original amount when he last paid. He had just announced to me that the Ministry of Health had send his file to a private collection company and he is now receiving letters to his former address demanding payment–but only for a very small amount of money–not the total said amount. For myself, I am still in the correspondence phase, sending them (MSP) more letters explaining that I require further adjustments to the monthly premiums.

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