To Park or not to Park, That is the Question

I just went and singed myself up for another round of classes, parking and driving for the summer semester today. While at the admissions office, standing in line, I saw a little factoid stapled to the wall that got me thinking, “enrollment this year is at 9850 students.” I thought to myself, “Wow, that many students…” and carried on paying my parking-fee and enrolment. As I was leaving for the parking lot, I noticed some people, either students or visitors, arguing with the security guard about parking and why they got a parking ticket. I know that a certain number of students do not pay for their parking spaces and play on the well known fact that if someone had paid for a whole day’s parking, then left for home, the odds of occupying that “paid” spot are good enough to not pay themselves and risk a ticket. The parking space has been paid, “for the whole day,” no matter how many times new “parkers” paid (or not paid) afterwords. The new parking lot rules state that you do not need to keep your fee-stub on the dash of your vehicle anymore; as a result, abuses by students are bound to happen. With 9850 students, and parking for (what I estimate) 5000 students, I see a real problem. My pet peeve is not finding a parking spot if you arrive just before your class. The new trick that I have developed is, once I see a student walking to their car, I park just behind them and wait until they pull out and then dive into that spot. I have had stand-offs with other drivers while waiting for parking spots this way—it is quite dramatic. The chosen few who are seeking those parking spaces are like the actors who play on surviver; however, you are not voted off the parking lot, you are eliminated before you even get there.

Saint patrick's day

Yikes! I almost forgot…. it is Saint Patrick’s Day. Remember—Green! 🙂

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