Updates & News for March

This post is just a list of some of the important things that are going on around here for the month of March; a general information and event update that I can pass along everyone and keep you on the same page with, regarding Julia, Snooser and M. I will probably update this post a few time this week, as the news changes and develops.

UPDATE(March 23:2006): Julia has just informed me that her doctor told her that he/she feels she is fine enough to go ahead and continue with the pregnancy without inducement, which was to take place 3 weeks before her due date. In a way this is good news for her and the pregnancy; however, not knowing when sort of throws everything into the air because now the baby could come at any time. Oh well, best to let nature take its course…

Julia is scheduled to have her baby by next week. You gotta love modern medicine as they now can induce the pregnancy and choose when to deliver. Of course they do this to only high risk pregnancies, but it is the sheer convenance of the whole thing that impresses me: “Yes, I would like to have the baby on the weekend because Monday I have a book club…” Thursday is when she goes into the hospital and receives the final decision from her doctor.

Snooser told me yesterday that she had received some super bad news regarding her job: she is getting laid-off next week. She told me that the spring job is finished, they were ahead of schedule, and does not know when she will get the called back for tourist season. That is the problem of living in a one horse town—work is seasonal. Give her a call and cheer her up you want, she could use the company right now.

M, has not replied to my last email yet, so I figured that this will be the last contact for a while until she decides when she wants to talk again. I have not heard from her daughter “S” either, so something is up there. Whether she has gone ahead with the divorce or resolve her differences with her husband is anyone’s guess right now. Please let me know if you heard otherwise or update me on the latest. I could write more, but I figure I will hold off until I know the fires are out at that end of the family.

So, there you have it. Spring is here, happy Equinox, the days are getting longer and warmer times are upon us. Enjoy and have fun. 🙂

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