Rock On in G Major

Ever click on something and that link took you to a place that you just could not stop coming back to once you got there? I am not sure where it was when I first clicked that link, it was a blog that I only went to once, (I wish I could give credit,) but the link took me to a video on Google’s site, and it was so cool that I went and started combing through google’s video lists to see if there were more files like it. As it turns out, there is an underground contest, competing young up and coming electric guitar players to strut their stuff (in front of a WebCam) to the tune of “Jerry C’s Cannon in G,” a classical piece that I would of thought to be considered so far from rock n’ roll that I would have never of guest it could be transformed into a heavy metal rock ballet.

At first I only seen a couple of these videos back in January 2006; then, there was only one person whom I liked and thought he was very talented, but as it turns out, many other rock enthusiasts jumped on board and a proliferation of entries mushroomed into about 150 videos to choose from. This one is my favorite so far. Rock on!

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