Duke Is Dead

I found Duke; the rouge robin is dead! You might of remembered him from my March 13 post titled “Hell Bird,” where he was flying into my windows because he could see his reflection. Well, it appears that he “bit the big-one” and died. I found him along the fence, therefore, ruling out any idea that he slammed into my windows; unless someone dragged his body from my house, 10 meters over the grass, then laid him beside the fence–staging the accident. I also noticed something odd about his condition, that is, none of the other wild and domestic animals would go near his body. The odds that I arrived just moments after the accident are not supported either because rigamortis had definitely set in and the feathers were completely soaked.

I decided that the least I could do would be to bury him. I quickly took my shovel from the storage bin and scooped up his body for quick disposal. I dug a small 20cm deep hole in the ground not far from were his body was found and buried him in it.

Two issues still linger in my thoughts: was this the same bird, and what caused his death? I am assuming that this was his body I found by the fence; no other chirpy robins have perched on top of the fence since his untimely death. The worse case scenario would be antifreeze left on the ground from anyone who has recently just changed the fluid from their radiators in their vehicles, birds like to drink this liquid. Bird flue and lead poisoning would be my second and third guess. Lead poisoning is when someone shoots projectiles at the animals (and people too) with the intent of killing them.

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