Hard to Figure Peoples of Different Lifestyles

I see people of all sorts here, many are hard working and goal ordinated, while others seem to be always on, as they think, the epitome of disaster and misfortune. The closest definition I can make of this was a paper that I read on the topic of sub-cultures, a curious explanation of categorizing people based upon their economic and culture divisions. Sub-cultures, are groups of people who usually form as a underground or “anti” culture, that is apart from the mainstream culture, and are most likely to be subject to the laws and norms of the mainstream culture—usually middle class groups.

Helping people as best I can is something that gives me great satisfaction. Gaining the trust and friendship of those in return for the helping hand makes the whole giving concept work for me. This openness into other people’s lives also allows me to see the different and diverse ways people live inside our community. However, I learned, one must always be ready for surprises and unexpected situations, as getting to know your neighborer “moments” can lead into many never before experienced events. The world of drugs and alcohol is the scariest.

I have dealt with people who are chronic users of drugs, and seen first hand the damage it does to them. Most, do not need explaining or details to understand what is it I am talking about—it is common knowledge. However, the one big question I ask is “why do people use drugs to the point that it damages them beyond repair?” Looking into this portal, I asked this question to the user and received from him (in my mind) this typical answer. Listening to the user was like going down the checklist that spelled out the clinical symptoms of depression in the psychological diagnostic handbook. A very treatable and common condition, however, one needs to seek the resources to receive treatment, while adequate recourses must be available in return.

Turning to the questions and answers portion of my conversation with the user yielded a surprising revelation, that he was receiving help for his depressions, and on top of that, he was taking medication to treat it! I further asked if taking street drugs, in his mind, cause more harm than good from the clinician’s drug regime for the treatment? “Oh—no” he replied, “the meds [sic] he gives me do nothing—I need my stuff, it is the only thing that really helps (me).” Perhaps here in lays the answer to my question, it is all about perception and beliefs, perpetuated by urban myths and sub-culture folklore.

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