Is March Over Yet

I’m off for class in a couple of minutes, so I have a little bit of time to give an update.

Julia is still waiting for the big moment when she will deliver her baby. It appears that her husband is doing all the nesting; brining home all sorts of baby stuff, he is fixing, moving and buying anything he can think of. Julia is so happy that he is taking care of that. Pink is the theme in the baby room; after two boys, a daughter is something different for them.

I wrote my last exam at the Justice Institute. Does this mean a different job for me in the near future? I don’t know… I would rather wait on my degree from Kwantlen before I put any hopes on that prospect. Apparently the main offices around the Province are still in low turn-over as the Baby-Boooomers are holding onto their poisons.

5 Thoughts on “Is March Over Yet

  1. Hey Tom! I’m sure you’ll find that your skilled worker status will give you lots of opportunities in short order!

    Sounds like things are going well these days!

  2. Hi Tom,
    With all the people that will be leaving the work-force in the very near future, there is little doubt that you will be in a position to pick and choose whatever you’d like to do. Many of the “Baby-Boomers” are quickly reaching that golden #65 and most are more than eager to give up the jobs they’ve been slogging in for 25+ years.

    Unlike them; If my experience is of any relavence, the youth entering the workforce now are likely to change jobs/positions several times in there working life. I’ve gone from working in 2 different trades, to management and I still have almost 30 more years before I hit 65. (I’m counting down every single year, day, minute & second!) Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

    I was going to offer a bit of input on your essay; mainly grammatical corrections, but I saw the date on the post and there is no point in correcting something that has already been submitted!

    Well, have a good one Tom.

    Regards, Mike M.

  3. Hey Tanya, good to hear from you! Thank you 🙂

    Mike, perhaps we should get-to-gether sometime soon. My classes are in Surey, and I drive through Langley City (HWY#10-By-Pass), let me know if that “coffee” is still on?

    Anyway, I have classes today so I’ll post again tonight.


  4. Hi Tom,
    The coffee is always on at Suzuki. One of the disadvantages of being top dog is always having to be at the shop. I’m there from 8am-5pm everyday except for Sunday & Monday. (They only call me in on those days if they can’t figure out how to tie their own shoes!)

    So, stop by… The Dealership is directly accross from the White Spot & the Mall on Fraser Hwy. I can always disappear for a few minutes when I need to. It’d be good to finally meet you face to face.

    Regards, Mike M.

  5. Cool. Maybe this Sat. then, around mid afternoon. Just look for the short guy with the white jacket. Looking forward to the meeting.

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