Crap – Allergies, or a Cold

Well, Well, Well, spring is upon us with a record setting day of 19.2C and lots of sunshine, to neighbours acting like idiots because burning garbage is the thing to do while everyone is outside enjoying the weather. I awoke early this morning with so many things to do; posting my camera on Ebay was a huge hit as I got my asking price, bought some things too on Ebay, and then I needed to pay some bills, so an all-in-one stop at the Post Office was stop number one. Stop number two was a quick trip to the Land Registry Office to pick up some documents; possible litigation is in the air as some “X” friends have not honored there end of a bargain $$$. Then off to Abbotsford to fill up on some “None-GVRD” (Greater Vancouver Regional District) taxed gas, which if you look at, is going through the roof again: 110 per letre? What’s up with that? Back at home, I opened all my windows to air-out the place and everything was smelling great (except for the burning garbage) until I started getting the “puffy-eye” and sniffles—spring. SO, the windows are closed and the air-filter I bought for purifying the indoor air is on. Spring—I love spring, but I hate the allergies.

5 Thoughts on “Crap – Allergies, or a Cold

  1. Wow…people burn rubbish by you too!

  2. Yes, sadly…. its a shame. That is the price you pay living in such a place.

  3. i was run out of my room because of a hideous smell from burning.


  4. What was burning? …was this burning from inside your room?

    Where I live, a town surrounded by a rural community, there are several farms close by, and under “out-dated” laws, they can burn their solid waste–as long it is in a controlled environment. Its not so bad if the wind blows in the other direction.

  5. no
    idiot neighbours burning rubbish

    don’t know what was in this particular pile…but left a scent that stayed forever…which was why my sojourn out of my room seemed forever (bad smell plus painting and varnishing)


    i live in cane fields

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