Exam Blues and Writer’s Cramps

I am bagged, exhausted and cranky! I am sore from sitting in a cold classroom, stuck in a chair for three hours, and writing a exam that seemed to take forever to finish. I never look forward to this time of year. Each exam gets harder to do, and the end is still far, far, far away, in a distant galaxy, just out of reach for me to say “it will soon be over.” Frankly, I cannot say when it will be over. I know approximately when I “should” be done all of these classes, but I know better then that; I know there are just too many variables in the soup mix to guarantee a absolute date of graduation. But, then are days like today that throws everything into (or out of) perspective…

[Today around 4:00pm]

It is a cruel, cruel world, because you know that when you spent so much time on a project, and you receive the grade of near devastating proportions, all you can do is shake your head, then go onto the next project as if nothing happened. Sometimes, as I am typing away on my little weblog here, I feel should just stop, because according to some of my latest marks in English, I should be making audio copies rather than typing this out to you. My last in-class assignment yielded me a “C,” (which is just a bear passing mark,) and my last paper was also a “C,” and then a “C-,” for the prep. work done before that. My quest for higher learning is going to be cut short if I cannot get my act together and start moving forward with this. Although I have eliminated most of my nasty mechanical errors and bad grammar mistakes, the choice of words I use, and the awkwardness of how I arrange sentences now plagues me at every turn of the pen.

Funny, I have read so many papers and textbooks that seem to be guilty of the very same ills that I am suffering from, yet they seem to be exceptional and credited? I point them out to the powers that be, seeking some sort of reasoning as to why they are acceptable for print, and the answer is, they are grammatically correct and are viewed as “the writer’s choice of words.” HELLO OUT THERE! “Writer’s choice of words,” I say! “Really,” I reply. Shit!

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