Imagine if You Got the Wrong Tat!

I was laughing so hard when I heard this on CBC Radio, a program called Free Style, that when I got home, I went straight to the web site called, to see the author’s examples of miss-used Chines characters. To think that people who thought putting cool tattoos of Chines characters on their bodies, and who put their trust into their research, and walking proudly displaying their artwork were in fact saying something altogether different: perhaps even vulgar.

Some of the examples on the website are just hilarious. I would feel sorry for someone who went through the whole tattooing process: the pain, the time and the cost, only to to be laughed at because it read something totally different than what you wanted it too. For example, someone thought they had the right character for “Power” only to be left with a spelling mistake that read “celery.”

2 Thoughts on “Imagine if You Got the Wrong Tat!

  1. if only it were broccoli!

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