Welcome to the Family-Paula!

Julia had a baby girl @ 10:27pm last night: 5lbs-6oz and her name is Paula. Not sure on the spelling yet. Another niece! That is 4 nieces and 4 nephews now.

[UP DATE-April 23, 2006] I’m still waiting for photos from my sister Julia and her baby. Because they are so busy and the ones they took at the hospital didn’t turn out, they are going to wait until later to re-take them. Understandably so, if you knew how bad my brother-in-law is at taking photos, you would want me to wait also! *LOL!*

4 Thoughts on “Welcome to the Family-Paula!

  1. Congrats and welcome Paula!!!


  2. Oh, I’m for the photo flood….

  3. I’m waiting for Julia to get out of the hospital: her pregnancy was induced and the doctors want to keep her in one more day for observations. Patients my dear. 😀

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