A Week of Study before the Final

Well, if you have followed my blog religiously, then know that I spend a considerable amount of time deep in my studies. For the last 72 hours I have turned off the phones, unplugged the alarm-clock and lock the door. My first final is on Wednesday, followed by my last exam on Monday of next week.

Finals are such a great time for me, other than the cramming and stress part, I like the up-coming changes and new hope that go along with the new possibilities that await me around the next corner. I like to think of this time as a re-birthing period, next year will always be better than one previous, and you will always keep making new friends and meet incredible people. All this activity and stimuli is what keeps me going back for more: the drive that gives me the energy in succeeding.

But who am I to kid you around! This is the most stressful period for anyone who faces college and wishes to graduate. Exams is a fact of life, and learning how to cope with them is the difference of passing or failing!

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