Finally the Good Weather

It was a gorgeous spring day, not a cloud in the sky, the temperature reached 17C and the trees exploded with green. This was a good day to get things done–and getting things done feels great. I compiled a small list of the general things that I “had” to complete today. The great part about my accomplishments are, I had time left over to enjoy the rest of the afternoon!

  1. Appointment with financial adviser. This had to be taken care of. So, from 11:00am until 1:30pm I haggled and asked a lot of questions about where I should put my hard earned money, money that was locked into a RSP (Registered Retirement Plan), so I could not spend it if I wanted to–drats. That was a lot of fun–pretending that I was moving all this money around and predicting the future–becoming a gazillionaire…. not!
  2. Next, off to the hardware store for pluming supplies. I have a leaky hose connector and need a new water spray nozzle, because it cracked during the winter–items needed so I can do my next project–which is on the list as item number 4.
  3. Hair cut! Yes, time to get the summer cut and visit old Jack at his barber shop, “Jack the Clipper,” located on Glover Road, in beautiful downtown Fort Langley, BC.
  4. Start the cleaning project. Fix the garden hose and accessories so that I can scrub the roof, clean the gutters and do the windows–moss is amazing. The best time to do all this is when the Sun is out and everything will dry fast.
  5. Enjoy the day.
  6. Study–Exam on Monday: Last one! Yes!

So the day is almost over. It was a good day; I got things done and I am happy about that. They (the weather forecasters) say that tomorrow will be even better than today: hotter, just as sunny and promises of more to come! You gotta love that forecast.

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