Things are Going Along

It has being a busy week , and with just 3 days left there is still lots to be done. I was actually feeling a little guilty not posting anything for the last while. I went on a mini road trip into the Hope, Princeton area for a couple of days to do some site seeing, but with the price of gas I thought I would cut it short and save some money. I shot a lot of photos along the way, too many to post, but I did see many things that, had I being in a hurry, I would of missed them. I met an old prospectors who still pans for gold along the Fraser River and some “squatters” who claim that they have not worked in fifteen years, that they lived off the land. Somehow I did not buy their storey? The highlight of the trip was three lovely women I met while on the main highway leaving Kamloops, 3 hours East of Vancouver. They were stopped along the road, I guess they were looking for plants that were growing along the hill near the road, and the roots from the one plants was too heavy, so I felt it was my good nature to help them out. They offered me a coffee at the next stop, so we sat and talked for a while. They have my number.

When I got home, I had a million e mails sitting there, waiting for me to answer them. Instead, I just put them hold until today, there were just too many to reply to–so if you were expecting an answer–this is why. However, I had a couple of e mails that could not wait; my sister Julia sent me some photos of her new daughter, Paula, so I (and you too), get to see what she finely looks like! What a little cutie! I wish I was there to see her. I think in this photo, she was just 3 days old.

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