Move Pass Go, Three Squares

I just got my grades in this morning and the news looks great–I passed all my course from the last semester, but most importantly, I passed the dreaded English course that was killing me. But first, the courses I just took now places me one more semester closer to graduating in my Associate Degree, and twelve more courses before I can complete my BA degree. My grades were within my average, hovering around a B to B+ or 76 to 85 percent range. Now, I passed the English course with better results than I anticipated; I received a whopping “C+”. Now this is a surprise because throughout the course I was hitting the C level on just about all of my class assignments. So, the only mark that I will not get to see is the final. Therefore, I must of aced the final, or at least did very well to prop me up one notch up on the grade scale!

Now I can enjoy the last week of freedom before I head back to the grindstone and then this whole stress thing can start all over again. Sleeping in tomorrow.

Update: 6:20PM

Musical: to the theme of The Seven Dwarfs.

I passes, I passed,
Oh I really, really passed,
I got my grades,
I got it made,
I passed, I passed!

Yeah—Hoo! 🙂

4 Thoughts on “Move Pass Go, Three Squares

  1. Way to go, Thomasso!
    Glad you did well on the exam.

  2. Thank you Roger. A lot of people have no idea how difficult that course really is: especially for me–I’m very happy that I passed it; and now, I can move on further into the program.

  3. WOOOHOOO!!!


  4. Thank you Lily.

    Good to hear from you.

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