A Good Day to Watch the Clouds

I was board this morning. Not that I had lots of things to do, or places to be, but this was one of those very repetitive kind of days with the nice weather, no pressure and lots of time on my hands; hey,snapshot of the weather video I was not in the mood to rush myself into doing anything above extraneous. So, I went through my books. After reading some of my old photos-shop textbooks from the eighties that I kept in my personal library, I came across some interesting topics involving stop-motion photography. Oh those were the days. Back when I was first bitten by the photography bug everything was analog–no fancy digital, or instant results and unlimited formats that you could erase and start over again. No, no, no! You planned everything out, then prepared a budget because this was going to cost you–whether it was going to be a arm or a leg, or both, these types of projects were hours in planning and days of production.

This morning, I hooked up my cheap little ($10.00) web cam along with my laptop, and programed it so that it would take a photo every 15 seconds. I aimed the camera out from my front window up into the sky just to see what the effects would look like. I calculated that, at 1 photo every 15 seconds, for 5 hours, would be about 1200 photos, or frames in total. I then divided that by 25 frames per second which worked out to be the movie’s total running time: about 48 seconds in length.

So, here it is: Weather Video

10.4 MB, mpg file, 55sec. 320×240.

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