The E Bay Junkie

In the last year, my buying habits have changed quite considerably from the year before; for example, on-line buying, flea markets, farmer’s markets and bartering, have become very important methods of purchasing in every facet of my personal needs. On-line buying has exploded into the highest expenditure of my gross annual budget; when I first started using E Bay, my experience in on-line buying before that was nonexistent, and now, it accounts for nearly 37 percent of all spending. I use my on-line buying for purchasing hard-to-get items, products that I can buy in bulk, or big ticket items that are grossly over priced in my area. I have found on-line shopping to be very handy, fun and economical. Next, flea markets have become a great source of buying certain items. I actually bought a years worth of jeans (Classic Fit(r) pants that fit me), for less than half of what I would of paid for in a big-box-store. These markets have also become a great source of finding gifts for my family and friends too. Farmer’s markets have always being a large source of purchasing food for me; I was brought up on the idea of buying bulk and storing most food items I get; whether for long term storage such as the case of an emergency, or economic hardship, buying natural, organic grown food seems to be a good consumer choice for me. However, in the last year or so, bartering has become a growing portion of my gross intake of consumer goods. Although the British Columbian government shuns this idea, because all labour now must be taxed, I have begun to embrace this concept of barter because it does indeed bring me closer to my local community and helps neighbours who otherwise have little or no income to spare. With the advent of technology, E Bay now ranks number one as far as spending goes for me; I would of laughed had someone made that prediction about me two years ago.

3 Thoughts on “The E Bay Junkie

  1. I’m sooo glad I’m not in the US anymore.

    EBay for books especially is addictive (for me anywayz)

  2. Oh Yes, I agree! I have bought stuff that I really should not have on E Bay… 🙁

    Highly addictive! I can’t stop!
    MMmmmmore E bay…

  3. boooksssssssss

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