Books, Looks and Shoots

The new semester is now underway; the lines up for textbooks and hundreds of students scurrying all over the place in a mad frenzy trying to find them, is all you can see. The air is thick with newbies, walking down hallways, lost, searching for their classroom, and ready to scream with stress as they want to throw their bags up into the air and run. The lineups are longer this year, it seems that people are buying more textbooks and supplies that what I have seen in the past, so I cannot say whether this is just one of those new demographics trends or a blip on the radar–I guess I will see when the census are counted. It is funny when I look at the “freshmen” students watching me, because I guess they think I am either a instructor or college employee, due to my age–I am sure they would gasp with disbelieve if I told them that I to am a student. Nonetheless, it is funny, as I think back to when I walk those very same steps on my first day, I too walked around with “eyes, caught in the headlights” daze. But, it is so nice to see the leaves and plants, shooting buds of green everywhere you look, as we warm up from the winter season. Oh summer–let it burn baby!

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