The Day for Mothers

When I awoke this morning, I was greeted by the sun shinning through my window, and a bright yellow Post-it-Note stuck to the outside of my window that read, “Don’t forget Mom!” I laughed when I noticed it hanging there, lit up like a bright neon sign, flickering in the morning breeze, because it reminded me of the jokes we were making the night before, about the consequences of what could happen if you forget to call to say thank you to our mothers–thank you for bringing me into the world. We talked about the power of mothers, and the influences they have over us, and how can change our destiny, and possess the will to make us submit, with just a blink of their eye. We remarked about how a day, this day, once a year, was set aside so that all the children could celebrate, and dedicate time to spend with them, and keep the family together: mothers, grand mothers, and great grand mothers. But really, in our evil satire, we knew, deep, deep down inside us, that of all the people in the world we are most indebted to: it is our mothers who we owe the most.

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