With the week half gone already, and the homework piled up again, the warm weather has created some very mixed emotions and feelings for me. I am happy that the classes have started again. There is no sitting around because you are so busy, and you have a goal: a mission to complete. I like the feeling of keeping a busy schedule and having a goal to reach, this alway seems to make my days of work feel better. I guess when I am not taking classes, I don’t think even a job could fill that void because no job gives me the high pace and energy that I am used to now, like meeting deadlines. Feelings, in the tactile sense, are the result of havening stayed too long in the hot sunny weather and getting what has appeared to be heat stroke. I am not sure if it is heat stroke or I am just plain dehydrated, but it sure knocked-the-socks off of me today. I was feeling sore and tired after yesterday’s hot day, and it double in pain this morning. So, I am going to take it easy to day; I am going to do some homework, mostly reading, and then keep myself in the shade until this awful feeling has passed.

4 Thoughts on “Feelings

  1. I hope you feel better

  2. Sorry to hear the warm weather around here has caused you grief.

    Aside from some rosy arms, I rather enjoyed the days!

  3. Well, I’m on the mend… Feeling a lot better now–I guess I enjoyed the sun a little too much—ouch! Sun Burn!

  4. At least you are multitasking! …Reading in the shade.

    Sometimes, though, I find downtime really important. *Not* having any goals to reach, and just shutting off my brain for a day or two… Really nice to have those days as well.

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