Long Weekend: Here We Come

Fort Langley is going to be a very busy place in the next 72 hours; we are going to have our famous May Day parade and all the side events that go along with it. I am so looking froward to it! Of course, right after the parade, the May Pole dance will kick off the evening fun.

We need good weather. The last two May Day parades were done under cloudy skies, but the temperature was cool, thus there was a poor turn out and not too many people really enjoyed themselves. So I am hoping that this wonderful hot weather holds out. I know, the weather reports say that clouds and showers are in the forecast, but look at how many times the weather office has being wrong? Three years ago, we had unbelievable weather: hot, sunny and dry. Everyone and their dog was out at the festivities, and all the events were a success. Nothing like a small town parade.

So repeat after me, three times: Rain rain go away, please come back another day.

7 Thoughts on “Long Weekend: Here We Come

  1. Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna help. Keep trying Thomasso but it looks like the weekend is going to be a bit showery.

    Hey, I like the new Poll function. Very nice!

  2. Yeah, I guess you’re right: but hey, I figured it was worth a shot. Now the wind is kicking up????

    Re: The Poll, in my side-menu. Now that Word-Press uses “Widgets” to control how you can move plug-ins around anywhere on your “Widget Friendly” theme, this plug-in can be found on Word_Press’s plug-in winki page: both as a stand-along plug in, or Widget. If you want more information, I can forward that to you here through this link:


    Have a great [l-o-n-g] weekend!

  3. And do you know, Mr Thomasso, I only deleted Audacity from my computer about a week ago!!

  4. The important thing is, you got it back, and it works! We all get to hear the recording now!


    See. Word Press is great for uploading all types of files with out having to use a FTP program.

  5. LOL@Thomasso

    You linked to it here!

  6. Lily, I’m going to write a whole post on your weblog regarding telephone messages that were wrong numbers. I will definitely link you then. Don’t worry, you’ll be given proper accreditation for your work and example on your site.

  7. Oh man you scare me!

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