The Parade Sucked

Not even a half hour into the parade I deiced to leave and head back for home because the weather turned back for the worse. It was a cold (14C) and overcast morning with periods of drizzle and light rain, the kind of rain that made you wear a raincoat and sweat. Last night it poured, and there was hope that it passed—wrong. When I got to the main street to check out the parade, one block away from where I live, I saw people in little groups along the sidewalk, all huddled in their chairs, claiming their spots, but it all didn’t seem to matter anyways because there was plenty of open space to look from and no threat of the swarms of people coming anytime soon. Update as the day progresses.

[Up Date] Well, its about 1:30pm. I went home before the parade was supposed to start; I figured that I would stay at home, wait until I heard the noises, like marching bands, fire engines sirens and music blaring out of loudspeakers, but the rain came back again, thought this time in waves, so I’m assuming that everything was cancelled. Too bad because I knew a lot of children who wanted to see this–including myself. *sniff* But what can you do when you are up against the power of mother nature?

[Up Date] 8:00pm. It appears that there never was going to be a parade here, or at least one scheduled here today. I just heard from one of my neighbours that none of the signs and road warning were put up in the last 24 hours. To tell you the truth, I never noticed either; so it was a good thing that I never stayed this morning or I would of being standing on the side of the road–embarrassing or what? It is still raining, showers and drizzle on and off.

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