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One word used to describe the influx of development here in Fort Langley–holy crap. OK, that was two, but that just goes to show you just how pervasive all this building and development really is around here. It is huge! The Bedford Canal project is, in Fort Langley terms, the largest building project since the construction of the Cedar Mill, circa 1953, from which the same land we are talking about now exists. Never before in my life time has such an explosion of homes ever being built so close to us. They say, that in terms of population, the town will double [increase the] in size overnight. The sad part of all this is, for me, this is right in my back yard. I thought that the homes would be small, 2 story houses with carports and semidetached from one another. When I saw the plans last month, I just about stopped breathing because the plans, the video and my back yard did not add up. This project is massive and the homes built are not the small urban homes that they said they were going to build, these are multi million dollar, 25,000+ 2,500+ square feet homes–for the rich! When my buddy from work told me he was interested in buying, a man who makes over $60,000.00 per year, and would be a first time home owner, told me that he was turned down by his Bank because he could not put up enough capital for the mortgage. I asked him how much was the home he wanted to buy, and he said, “over $480.000.00.” [please see the links below for actual lot prices.]

Want to buy a house in Fort Langley, then go to Park Lane Homes, then click Bedford Canal Project.

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  1. Jordan Bateman on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 at 3:19 pm said:

    Really enjoy your blog, by the way.

    Just to correct you; there are only two homes in the Bedford project that will even approach $1 million (the so-called signature homes). The rest will be well under that–although still quite pricy. The rowhouses buffering the rail line will come in at just over $300,000.

    No homes will be anywhere near 25,000 sq. feet. 2,500 perhaps.

    It is true that the 600-1000 new residents will swell the town, but it won’t double the population. Still, these folks are vital to the survival of the small business core when one considers that the impending closure of the Albion Ferry will greatly reduce business traffic.

    Finally, the project has and will contribute millions in improvements, including the Channel dredging, erosion control on McMillan Island, and a new public riverfront and extension of the Fort to Fort Trail.

  2. Thanks Jordan, I’ll correct the post.

    Thank you for patronage.

  3. Totally unrelated…but is my blog accessible by you?

  4. Lily: yes–everything is the same as always. Your blog works perfectly from my end.

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