Stupid Telephone Tricks

The inspiration for this post came from my friend, fellow weblogger and source of good old cyber-chat—Lily, from her domain: “Quit…I want to quite,” or was it Dragons…. A few days back she blogged about one of her pet peeve, people who call on her cell phone and leave massages, totally un a where that they were talking on someone else’s voice mail, leaving “passionate” messages. I convinced Lily to post a copy of the latest “wrong number-missed placed” phone massage on her site–and she did. After some consideration, I decided to follow through with my plans to write this post and tell Lily, you and the rest of the world some of my experiences with answering machines, with rouge messages and what some people will say, totally unaware that they were calling a wrong number.

I have posted two messages that are now well over a decade old. I figure that the threat of litigation is long passed and each of the people that left these messages were never known to me anyway, so they are getting posted. Enjoy them. They are short messages where each person hung up after realizing that they were talking to the wrong number, and they do have some humour value that made me keep them. I have kept them for so long now that this is the best opportunity to share them. Perhaps now, I will erase them permanently?

Phone Call One

Phone Call Two

These are wrong numbers. Interestingly enough, these are bloopers where each person must of figured out that they were calling the wrong number, then fled—making for very interesting audio entertainment. Of course, they never called again, so who knows what they did afterwords?

7 Thoughts on “Stupid Telephone Tricks

  1. Oh! Oh! But you don’t fear litigation for me? I have to post mine after less than a week!


  2. The litigation part was joke: ownership, public domain and presumed privacy, It would be next to impossible to litigate over such trivial matters. It is like talking a photograph for public display of the public—there are so many variables involved, that prosecution would be meaningless for that one person. In order to litigate, you must show cause, damage to character and reputation, some monetary value placed, etc… to sue.

  3. Sure sure! That’s what you say! You just wait. When they come for me, I’ll give you up!

  4. I’m sure they’ll treat you nicely in the detention centre…

  5. EEEP

    Noooo they probably won’t 🙁

  6. EEEP

    Noooo they probably won’t 🙁

  7. They’ll probably lock you up in a very small room, with a table, two chairs: one with handcuffs, the other with a very nice back-rest; and they’ll shine a very bright light over top which will be used for looking at your facial expressions–just encase you show signs of fibbing. It will only last the weekend, because they’ll have you home just in time to watch the foot-ball game on TV. You’ll be home, they’ll be happy, and everyone will live happily ever after. 😀

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