Free: Yes, Free as in SKYPE

Free: according to the Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Third Edition, (7) Giving things or behaving without restraint. In the case of Skype, this is exactly what they are doing, giving away their service, a telephony service that enables you the user to phone a land-lines or cell-phones from the convenience of your home Internet connection–away–free. What is so amazing about this is, I have being using it for the last week and it seems to perform without any problems that I can see–weird for a free service. Their free service went on line on May 15, 2006, and the free long distance is free until the end of this year. So the deal is, you can call anywhere in Canada, and the USA, for free–no strings attached. All you need is a headset with a microphone and speakers on it, just like what you would use if you were doing telephone solicitations, secretarial work or pretending you were working at Cape Canaveral for NASA, not that I ever did that, nor would I ever want to… but you get the idea.

Yes, I was a little sceptical about that too when I first heard about it on E-Bay. I thought that it was a gag, a joke, some sort of scam to entice you into giving your email address away so that it can be sold to some poker selling, pill-popping, off-shore Bank haven crook, but it seems to be quite legitimate. They have probably given my email address away already, he he he? But anyway–I do use it, and I am taking full advantage of it till the end of the year! Screw those money leaching, monopolizing corporate out-fits, free is in baby–consumerism rule!

4 Thoughts on “Free: Yes, Free as in SKYPE

  1. Seriously? cool!

  2. 🙂

  3. Yes, I’ve been trying to get the message out as well. Awesome to have this free service to the end of the year.

    You know what they’re doing… Getting loyal clients who’ll stick with them after it goes back to an inexpensive pay service.

    What do they say (who’s they, anyhow) — That you do something for 3 weeks, and it becomes a habit.

    Hey, for this kinda deal, I hope it is a habit I’ll keep!

  4. When something like this comes along, you grab it–you never pass up an opportunity like this. I’m glad to see you posted an ad on your weblog too. Tanya, I hope you don’t mind, I put you on my contacts list in Skype. Give me a ring sometime… 🙂 Happy Skyping! Thomasso142.

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