The Gene Pool

Last night during my English class I discovered two things that I never knew before: the origins of the term “Shallow End of the Gene Pool,” and that my last paper was described as “tortuous,” referring to my writing style, yet garnished with a nice mark on the side. The term “Shallow End of the Gene Pool,” came from a paper, written by someone (for the love of it, I can’t remember the guy’s name,) who put forth the idea that in order for the human species to become stronger and rid ourselves of the inherited mutant genes that are passed down within each distinctive ethnic group, the idea that miscegenation should be accepted and practised. Therefore, the “shallow end” means that the breading selection becomes limited for that group of the species, and the likelihood of inbreeding having negative effects will cause the demise of that specific group. By expanding the gene pool, or breading potential, by including the entire globe, then the human species will become much more stronger. Also in the same class, my paper was handed back with the remark, “tortuous” underlined within the comment. The gist of the comment was, I can write; however, my writing can be hard to follow–it does not flow nicely. Hummmm, the weird part was, for such a killer course, and averaging low marks, I seem to have done something wright with this paper because I achieved the highest mark throughout the course so far? Weird–just weird?

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