Countdown: D-Day, 1944

June 6th, 1944, Juno Beach, France: Called operation Over-Lord, under Supreme Commander General Eisenhower of the allied forces, Canada’s involvement would be the beaches of Juno, to secure the beachhead and then start the journey inland with the goal of reaching Germany later that year. Canadian and allied forces fought their way onto the beaches against odds that would make any sane man turn back and run; but they charged up the heavily fortified shores of Juno Beach, under the German guns, through hillsides littered with Pill-Boxes and German Tanks that bombarded them contently, but the first wave of solders lost as many as 60 percent in casualties. For these men, this would be the turning point for the German occupation of France, and for the rest of the war for Nazi Germany–this was the day in which the Allied forces would slowly sweep through Europe and eventually claim victory against the Nazi war machine.

It is not enough for me to type out something here on my weblog, it is only enough to keep the memory alive of what those men did, the guts it took to keep going under those incredible odds. Remember that 60 years is not that long ago. For those who were born in 1944, they would still have five more years to go before they could collect their full pensions and retire from the work force today. For most Canadians, our life expectancy will be well into our 80s, perhaps even longer. For me to look back at that moment in time, even thought I was born some two decade afterwords, still rings of living history, that the Second World War in terms of history is still just yesterday, that the scars and death is still fresh, and that those who fought and live, still walk to that very beach every year to commemorate their fallen.

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