Its the Little Things…

According to a very special friend of mind, “Life is like that,” she always says, “because if it doesn’t happen to you now, it will happen to you later…your number will come up–its the law of probability.” Living in a world with lots of fools and idiots at your side, the law of probability is a sure thing because “they” will take you down with their sinking ship, and a simple means test is always there to prove it–idiots are taking over the world. I know, your thinking “how I could write such harsh words in such a generalized manner,” but please think about this: have you ever had days when everything around you was spinning out of control? Now focus on this thought: that feeling of being out of control is totally avoidable, yes, avoidable. Why? Simple, I say–eliminate the idiots of the Earth! Regrettably, I would probably be one of the first batch of people to be expunged from the face of the Earth, as I am sure, somewhere, out there, someone has included me in their list of the top ten most likely idiot-list, so a rethink is in order here. How could I avoid the common garden variety fool or idiot from my surroundings? I could become a hermit, but then that would totally defeat the whole idea of being around people in the first place–not the way I want to live my life. Taking happy pills came up once; however, pills seem to distort the perception of what life is, and does not necessarily eliminate the idiots that are around you, and they just get to have lots of fun laughing at you when you are walking around stoned. Random elimination of idiots was a precursor to the total elimination concept, but it had similar problems too, in that the possibility of taking out non-idiots along side idiots was a bug in the machine that needed more thought before it could be sent to the drawing board stage. I guess in the end, it boils down to tolerance. Just excepting that this is the way life is, and dealing with it whenever the lowly idiot pops its ugly head, because this is, in the end, the only way of dealing with the serge of their population.

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