The Trials of Romance

Romance has now gotten so complicated, that according to my friend, like everything else that involves the interaction of dependency and wealth, government’s now licence it in the form of a marriage licence, while other legal documents creep into this social scheme that we claim is a sacred and personal invocation. My friend who is a classic case of boy-meets-girl, and slid down the slippery road of romance only to be subjected to the high price of emotions, is now faced with the aftermath of a breakup from which neither “he” nor “she” wishes to be the underdog.

The first volley of this high paced affair came from “her”of which she asked “him” to seek a medical check-up. Seemingly for anyone, this form of preventative attitude would be welcomed, perhaps though more of a rational thought in a stressful environment; however, to the Male ego, this stigma of honour, cloaked in masculinity’s subterfuge and social conformity, may have singled the first salvo in a witted brazen attack in the battle of the sexes. In these terms, any woman who questions the very performance of her mate’s libido is suspect to this offence and therefore has broken a cardinal rule among men. If the seemly thoughtful attributes of “common scenes” were to step in, then one could easily argue that sex today is a high priced game–one should be more careful than reckless.

The second volley of armaments came from “him” in the form of a prenuptial agreement arrange by his family to protect the family business and his inheritance once the family fortunes became his. This of course did not sit well with “her” simply because in the face of a divorce, any assets that came from the family business, she would not be entitled to and consequently would be left penniless, or receive some small token of a support payment in lieu of the lifestyle that “she” became part of. Begrudgingly, the argument here is that all sound financial arrangements would save any further hardship into the future, and that all parties would be looked after in the face of their best interests. However, tails and folklore have riddled this concept into a minefield of misconception and casts further doubt on anyone who dares to issue such a document.

Perhaps there in only one solution, an idea that not long ago I would of jumped up and made statements of absurdity and contempt, where we would take away the responsibility of the unmarried, and either leave it to the leading family members of their households or by letting the government sponsor a national dating service that is based on the national census data, to marry and start their families with. Yes, the idea of arranged marriages, in whatever form, have being around for thousands of years, and have endured the test of time. In Western society, the “romantic marriage” is a very new concept in our history–as we of European decent, once had our vows of matrimony based on prearrangements made by family, nobility and church. My current thinking now takes me back to the days when our mothers and fathers would step-up-to-bat for us, and make the arrangements without emotions, conceptions and blindness that we all seem to have when we step into the romantic arena.

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  1. darn
    i thought you were romancing someone

  2. Lol…… I guess the title threw you off. Sorry. :p

  3. you’re just mean! :-p

  4. *gulp* I guess its the Doghouse…for me.

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