For Sale, What a Deal!

I am selling of all of the pro-audio gear that I have because I have decided that the music gig is over for me. Yes, it is time to concentrate on more important goals in my life, and doing sound for bands and JD work no longer appeals to me. So, I am throwing most of what I have here up for sale now, and what I have in storage, once I have tested it, will also go on the chopping-block. If you are interested, just ask in the comment area on this post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is what I have now:

Yamaha Graphic Equalizer: GQ1031 $50.00
Peavey programmable Graphic EQ: AEQ 2800 Automated EQ: $100.00
Boss Digital Reverb, Effects Processor: RV-1000: $75.00
12 Space Rack Case, SKB: $100.00
Peavey DPC750, Digital Power Amplifier, 750/1000watts RMS: $425.00
Samick SMP4000, Power Amplifier, 400/800watts RMS: $250.00
Samick SM820P, Audio Mixer Console: 8 X 2 Channels: $175.00
Ramsa WR-S212, Audio Mixer Console: 12 X 2 X 2 Channels: $450.00

XLR cables, 3 x 40ft (approximately), and 3 x 12ft. 2 x Sure SM-57 microphones, in their original case, with specification and warranty cards. 2 x microphone boom-stands, chrome, 38in boom-weighted. Asking: $300.00.

All sales are final once complete. All items are used and sold “as is.” I do not deliver and you must be prepared to pick up the item at my residence in Fort Langley BC. I do not ship products; you must pick them up. I have pictures of most of the gear, and they are also listed on Craig’s List (listed in the Vancouver area). So, if you want to view them there too and have a look for yourself, check his website–it is free and works similar to E-Bay.

2 Thoughts on “For Sale, What a Deal!


    hey bud hows it goin long time no talk .. ive lost your e-mail adress so I figured this was the best way to get in contact with you. E-mail me back ok?


    Just in case you didnt remember. Im Dan .. I used to work with you .. you know ” im helpin tom!” yah .. thats the one

  2. There are things you just don’t forget in six months….you’re one of them. lol

    Hows it going?

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