Could Summer Actually Be Here?

I still did not know when I awoke this morning, it was cold, and I had to turn the heat register up as I grabbed another blanket–then I laid there unable to go back to sleep. I knew we were off to a rocky start when I saw just a light haze of morning light filtering through the window blinds. Whenever I see the dim twilight outside, and is it already 6:30 am, I know it is going to be a lousy day weather wise. This was not what the weather experts claimed would be happening to our summer–we should be having heat-waves. Instead, cool mornings, constant cloud cover and constant threats of rain are the norm since May. As June 21 gets closer, I expect some action in the heat wave department. As an ex-co-worker used to say to me all the time: “We must of forgotten to pay our summer bills again.” Or, when we got the what we wanted, and we somehow received a little too much, he would say: “Damn, I bet you they shipped us someone else’s weather by mistake.” I can certainly see the benefits for gardeners and people who spend most of their time outside. I can even understand why meteorologists would say that what we are getting now for weather patterns is our normal rate of weather, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that we deserve more than this! Am I being a little bit too selfish here?

The Summer Time Logo for 2006

3 Thoughts on “Could Summer Actually Be Here?

  1. I feel the same way, Thom. Summer is NOT here yet and, dammit, I want HEAT!

    And my thoughts are that we already pay enough here in BC. I cannot afford a ‘summer tax’ to top it off.

  2. Roger is anxiously awaiting the fires that come with summer!!

  3. Hey Netchick & Roger,

    Well, we all have different motives wishing for a hot summer; I’m happy with a good 3 week Sun bath, then a little rain to quench the Earth, then more sun after that.

    But things got to heat up soon, I still think we are having May weather in the middle of June?

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