Lots and Lots and Lots of Fun

Well, summer sure hit with a blast of super hot weather and almost perfect weekend conditions! It is great this time of year. So, I’m sitting back, doing a little homework, a little BBQing and a whole lot of nothing, but just sitting around in my lawn chair soaking up the rays. It is moments like this when I can say life is good.

Family News: Just to let you all know, I have set up a mailer program on my website and sent out emails asking you if you wish to be included in the Family News Letter? I have set up a Monthly News Letter that will be sent out every month, and so far, out of the 10 enquiries, only 3 of you have accepted it. the deal is, you must accept it, I will not dump onto you email account because it is a general news letter, not a personalized email sent directly from me. Another words, this is in the vein as SPAM is, unsolicited email. So, please accept it and about a weeks time I will send out the first on-line version of the News Letter.

Personal News: If you have not already heard, I have switched employment again. I have started working for a company located in Aldergrove. No more commutes into and out-of Vancouver! That was just too much! Anyway, the Port Kells deal fell through.

5 Thoughts on “Lots and Lots and Lots of Fun

  1. I love switchers!

  2. Lily, I guess we are in the same boat… the switchers. eh?

  3. i wanna switch…tho does that imply having something to switch to?

  4. Not necessarily Lily. I have done spontaneous switches before, and extreme planned switches that required months of planning, however, the safest switch of them all are search and destroy one’s where you vigorously search for another place of employment, then switch to it as soon as possible. The latter would be the best bet in my opinion.

  5. alright


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