Canada Day Celebrations

This long weekend sort of sneaked up on me, totally catching me by surprise–not that I am complaining or anything. I was really getting into my new job. I was actually enjoying meeting all of my new colleges, and getting to know the place a little bit better. The typical challenges of learning the ropes and procedures were learnt in just a few hours. I have yet to find a job were I could not figure out all of the functions and protocols within just two day, and this company was no exception. It was kind of nice that time just flew by while I was having fun. I will be definitely writing about this experience in the days to come.

The weekend is here, and the time for rest and relaxation is now upon us. I figure that I will do a mini road trip this Saturday, now that I have more time to myself: why not spend it on myself and go for a drive. I feel I need the time away from the home, and see something new, different and off-the-beaten-path.

Also, I have some personal business to take care of, as it appears that I have a “Dead-Beat Employer” to look after. Yes, a person, for whom I worked for at the goodness of my heart, scammed me the money that was payment, in lieu of wages, gave me a cheque that bounced at his Bank. So, I now will perform the ritual collection process, then follow that with a formal complaint to the Ministry of Labour, then off to Small Claims Court. Oh the hassles of the “Dead Beat Employer.”

And to all of my family: the News Letter seems to be a sucsess! The Eamiler works! Hope that you all can get your email addresses off to me so I can include them in the next issue.

Have a great Canada Day everyone!

2 Thoughts on “Canada Day Celebrations

  1. Yay! Sounds like your new job is a great place for you — Hope it stays really happy and positive!

    And, man, I hate dead beat clients/employers… That’s the worst. Good luck with a quick collection!

  2. Well, as I’m finding out, Dead Beat Employer (and clients) are becoming more of a problem throughout the Lower mainland. I just wish there is some way of warning people about these rouge companies without violating anyone’s constitutional rights?

    I’m very lucky to only be out by under a thousand dollars. I just found out yesterday that this same guy bilked a contractor out of $7400.00 and is being sent to court over that incident as we speak.

    So, employees beware of the Dead Beat Employer: yes, even you are subject to scamming–and the Ministry of Labour in BC will not collect it for you!

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