It Has Been a While

I have being so busy with work, college and life, that I almost forgot about the Blog. I knew there was something missing in my weekly routine–I had spent so little time on my own computer that I had 74 emails piled up. Now I have a little bit of a chore getting to all of them. In my hast, I realized that some comment spam was getting through my SPAM-Defences, so I have about 25 of those emails telling me to approve the SPAM. But anyways, it prompted me to write today because, as I’m sure, some of you out there were probably wondering what I was up to–whether I had abandon my blog and left the country.

Also during my absents, I have being studying like a madman, cramming for an up-coming English exam. With less than four weeks to go until that final, I have a lot cramming to do, plus a big paper to start. This weekend will be that typical period where I will lock myself in my house and write, study and cram all the information and reading material for that final. Four weeks sounds like a lot time, but it isn’t. The course had a reading break, so we missed one day out of 14 days a lotted for the course–catching up just isn’t going to happen.

Work is going good–I’m still employed if that means anything. Actually, I think “the boss” is pleased with my performance so far. I have managed to keep the numbers up while learning the procedures, so production has not dropped since I came on board. So far it has being three weeks and I feel I have every element of the job nailed down. What a difference working with professional people makes. If there is any inspiration of finishing my degree in college, it now comes from them! When you are managed by highly educated people, I cannot say how much of a difference that make on the job, on me and the working environment. I actually look forward to going to work now????????? Is that nuts–or what!

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