To Prey Upon the Social Conditioned

When in college, you learn. What you learn can make you a different person. What you do with that knowledge is another matter. How useful does a concept need to be when studied upon and then realized that the world works in a very predicable way–why not leave it and accept it as fact? When you take an idea and practise it in the field, does the ethical question of harming society, even though no one was the wiser, becomes an issue? In “our little experiment,” we had one person, who was so convinced that he was talking to real person, that we stopped short the time period of running it because of the fear that this was getting out of control. Our subject that we called “117,” was offering a marriage proposal and was ready to send gifts and money to our “fake” female blogster. Stopping the experiment, I think, was the best course of action.

Experiment #1 To determine if Web-blogs generate more hits if the subject matter is from a Female’s perspective, or from a Male’s. The test involved three blogs that were used in the testing: one control or neutral site, one “Male” blog and one “Female” blog. The control site would be that of an academic style of writing where the “voice” or commentary would similar to a non-sexist/gender neutral style of writing. The last two websites were very specifically slanted towards a given gender, even showing photographs of the host and live current events almost on a daily bases.

  • Site #1, the gender neutral site received 1283 hits (mostly from web-bots) and 3 comments were made (from Males) during the 31 day trial.
  • Site #2, the “male” perspective blog received 1562 hits (mostly from web-bots) and 9 comments were made from seemingly male respondents during the 31 day trial.
  • Site #3, the “female” perspective blog received 3842 hits (38.34 percent were from lurkers) and 54 comments were made, 15 from other women, and 39 from men during the 31 day trial.

Conclusion: This experiment clearly supports that more Males surf the Internet and leave comments than Females do. Although we cannot say that more Males are connected to the Internet, we can state that there is a difference in activity between Males and Females towards certain content at a specific mediums such as weblogs. Female’s will receive a disproportionate higher response rate than Male’s on their wblogs.

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